IQN Path Independent Director

The  International  Quality  Network  for  Pathology  ASBL  (IQN  Path)  is  an  umbrella  nonprofit association for providers of external quality assessment (EQA) schemes in pathology. The final goal of the association is to deliver improved clinical implementation of biomarkers testing
through multi-stakeholder cooperation. In particular, IQN Path aims to:

- Exchange  expertise  between  key  opinion  leaders  in  the  field,  pool  resources  to  quickly
establish  recommendations  for  new  biomarker  adoption,  establish  benchmarks  and  best
- Coordinate interaction between international experts and different stakeholders involved in
quality assessment thereby supporting faster adoption of new biomarkers and technology
- Share benefits by developing value through joint workshops, training and research in quality,
promote professional recognition of members
- Develop tools and data resources, promote access and develop new products or standards/
controls that support EQA providers and laboratories
- Promote  EQA  by  creating  compelling  evidence  to  inform  and  lead  policy  development,
identifying trends and emerging needs in the field creating a stronger voice for EQA providers
Currently, eleven EQA providers/scientific societies are academic members of IQN Path. The
association is supported by numerous corporate members. IQN Path is organized in projects
that are approved by the Executive Board.  

The Executive Board of IQN Path has decided to appoint an:

Independent Director

The service required is outsourced both to individuals and to consulting firms. In case of
consulting firm, the person who will be dedicated to this activity must be indicated and
his/her  curriculum vitae will be an integral part of the required documentation.

Job Description:
The Independent Director works with the Executive Board to give direction and leadership to
the  achievement  of  IQN  Path’s  mission,  goals  and  objectives.  The  Director  reports  to  the
Executive Board.
The Independent Director will have the following responsibilities and duties:
- Attending the General Meeting and the Executive Board meetings
- Coordination  of  all  the  projects  of  the  association  and  reporting  to  the  President, Treasurer and the Board.
- Organizing  and  facilitating  Executive  Board  meetings,  including  preparation  of  the
agenda.  Providing  support  and  organization  to  working  groups,  projects  and  other
committees. With Executive Board officers and membership feedback, drafting annual
strategic plan, which identifies goals and major work streams, and an annual report of
- Funds development: Seeking funding opportunities; coordinating membership and seek
membership expansion opportunities; maintaining membership listing and developing
peer-to-peer networking tools and opportunities
- Discussing the value of the association with companies
- Contract management of memberships
- Project support: Supporting new projects for Board submission and approval, including
evaluation of feasibility and fund raising
- Board approved projects: Assisting the team, the project manager and the principal
investigator with contract negotiations, assisting with seeking and on-boarding project
sponsors  or  other  sponsors  or  IQN  Path,  contract  management  for  projects,
coordination  on  projects,  providing  advice  on  GDPR  for  project  teams.  Raising
potential  issues  to  the  Executive  Board  regarding  projects.  Communicating  with
sponsors about IQN Path publications arising from projects.
- Coordinating  communication  with  the  IQN  Path  membership,  including  development
and updates of the website, newsletters, annual and interim reports, press releases,
overseeing  publications  and  position  statements,  -mail,  preparation  of  the  annual
report and branding of IQN Path.  
- Responsible for GDPR
- Assisting  and  supporting  the  Treasurer  of  the  association  in  preparation  of  monthly,
quarterly, and annual financial status reports

Requested Knowledge/Skills:
- Proven success at pursuing and incorporating new revenue sources through a variety of
fundraising  and  entrepreneurial  activities,  consistent  with  the  mission  of  the association
- Demonstrated management responsibility with a complex non-profit organization
- Documented experience that demonstrates a thorough knowledge of the work area of the association

Minimum Employment Standards and Requirements:
- BA or BSc degree from an accredited college or university, or equivalent experience
- A minimum of five (5) years of management and supervisory experience in the field of the association

The  starting  salary  will  be  appropriate  for  the  role,  commensurate  with  applicant’s qualifications. A bonus based on the achievement of the objectives will also be included.

Because of the consultancy service required, the location is the seat of the consultant and
the expenses for the transfers required will be reimbursed.   

Applicants Must Submit via e-mail:
1. A  detailed  letter  of  introduction  describing  applicant’s  experience,  knowledge  and  skills
matching  the  identified  duties,  responsibilities,  minimum  employment  standards  and requirements of this position.
2. Current Curriculum Vitae
3. At least three professional references with telephone numbers and e-mail addresses.
Please  send  Word  or  PDF  format  documents  as  attachments  to  an  e-mail  message  to
Please include “Director Job Application” in the subject line of your e-mail submission.

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